War Against Rape


Service Delivery


WAR provides crisis intervention and counseling to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.WAR has developed a counseling system, which is implemented through the First Contract Committee, whereby an effective out-reach support service has been made possible through home visits. strong coordination between the Counseling and Legal committees ensures that a psychologist is available for crisis intervention in all initial visits. Besides this, WAR also provides long-term counseling and support, which is offered by WAR’s psychotherapist. when required, emergency medical intervention is also provided to survivors.


WAR is the only not-for-profit organization in Karachi that provides specialized free legal aid and legal counseling services to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. We investigate one hundred cases of rape in Karachi each year and encourage survivors to press charges against the perpetrator. The ultimate decision is , however, for the survivor to make. WAR prosecutes an average on 20 cases within Karachi in a year.

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