War Against Rape


Human Resources


The members of the resource and working committee of WAR work as volunteers without receiving remuneration of any kind. None of the members are related to each other or any member of WAR’s staff.


These members are exempted from attending regular working committee meetings of WAR. However they will attend meetings where their specialized input is required.

1. Barrister, Danish Zuberi (Legal)
2. Dr. Lubna Bokhari (Overseas Fund Raising)
3. Dr. Shifa Naeem (Psychiatrist)
4. Advocate Mohd. Mansoor Mir (Legal)
5. Ms. Lisa Khoso (Administration)
6. Ms. Suraiya Jabeen (Counseling)
7. Ms. Sarah Zaman (Liaison)


The Working Committee has the overall responsibility of providing a vision and mentoring the work of the implementing staff. It sets the policies and reviews progress against set objectives.

1 Ms. Beena Hasan Program Coordinator
2 Dr. Lubna Bokhari Chair person / Working Committee member
3 Ms. Amarah Makhdumi Treasurer/ Working Committee Member
4 Ms Romana Khan Working Committee Member
5 Dr. Abdul Bari Awan Working Committee Member
6 Ms. Nazeeha Hussain Working Committee Member
7 Ms. Scharmin Usmani Working Committee Member
8 Dr. Meher Zaidi Working Committee Member
9 Ms. NidaIdrees Working Committee Member
10 Ms. Nicki Saroca Working Committee Member
11 Mr. AyazHashanbhoy Working Committee Member
12 Ms. Rafia Khuwaja Working Committee Member


The WAR team is headed by a Coordinator who has the overall responsibility of program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, public relations and resource mobilization. The Coordinator reports directly to the Working Committee, the governing body of WAR.
The total staff strength is 7, consisting of 5 women and 2 man..

1 Ms. Beena Hasan Program Coordinator
2 Ms.Ayesha M.Younuns Admin & Finance Manager
3 Ms.Asiya Munir In-House Lawyer
4 Mr. Sheraz Ahmed Program Officer
5 Ms.Rukhsana Siddiqui Program Officer
6 Mr. Saqib Office Assistant
7 Rajab Ali Driver

WAR is an NGO run and managed by women.
Office timing 09:30 to 05:30 Monday to Friday.
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